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Statistics in Kinesiology - 3rd Edition

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Statistics in Kinesiology - 3rd Edition

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Statistics in Kinesiology - 3rd Edition Description


Statistics in Kinesiology, Third Edition, is an introductory text that will help students learn how to use a variety of statistical techniques. The book uses examples and data sets that should be familiar to students majoring in kinesiology and related fields, thus making it easier to learn and apply the statistical concepts.

This new edition contains the following features:
-Updates and revisions that develop statistical techniques in a simpler and clearer way

-Upgraded content with new and extensive problem sets to help students interact with the subject matter

-Techniques that can be applied to kinesiological subdisciplines and that are relevant to the movement sciences
Using statistical techniques from physical education, exercise science, administration, and pedagogy, students with basic algebraic skills will be able to interpret data by hand calculation and check their results against computer output. While the text preserves its basic techniques, there is expanded content on computer usage in relation to statistics, which will further enhance understanding and reflect the changes in the field. By gaining knowledge of the mathematical formulas used by software programs, students will learn to critically evaluate computer results and interpret data with greater confidence and ease.

The extensive problem sets, complete with answers, come with key words to identify the content that students should carefully review. The new problem sets in this edition are designed to help students interact more fully with the content and thus more fully learn the concepts and techniques.

In the early chapters, students receive a thorough introduction to measurement, statistics, and research; learn how to organize and display data; and calculate using percentiles. Students then move on to study measures of central tendency and variability, curves and sampling errors, and correlations and different types of regressions. Later they learn how to use t tests and how to analyze variance, comparing means and using repeated measures. Students also learn advanced statistical procedures and how to analyze nonparametric data.

This new edition is highly readable and well illustrated with figures explaining or demonstrating statistical concepts. By using Statistics in Kinesiology, Third Edition, students should gain a firm knowledge on the relevant statistical techniques used in physical activity fields, and professionals have a great reference at their fingertips.


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