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Clinical Ocular Pharmacology, 5e

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Clinical Ocular Pharmacology, 5e

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Clinical Ocular Pharmacology, 5e La revue


Written by experts in the field, this comprehensive resource offers valuable information on the practical uses of drugs in primary eye care. Discussions of the pharmacology of ocular drugs such as anti-infective agents, anti-glaucoma drugs, and anti-allergy drugs lead to more in-depth information on ocular drugs used to treat a variety of disorders, including diseases of the eyelids, corneal diseases, ocular infections, and glaucoma. The book also covers ocular toxicology, focusing on drug interactions, ocular effects of systemic drugs, and life-threatening systemic emergencies.
  • A logical organization makes it easy to find essential information.
  • Complete coverage of the basic fundamentals of pharmacology such as ocular drug delivery and ocular drug formulations.
  • Comprehensive reviews of the pharmacology of specific classes of agents such as the cycloplegics, antiglaucoma drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, ocular irrigating solutions, and contact lens care products.
  • In-depth information on ocular drugs used in clinical practice, including chapters on drugs used to treat eyelid disorders, lacrimal diseases, conjunctiva diseases, corneal diseases, allergies, uveitis, postoperative cataract, retinal diseases, and glaucoma.
  • Coverage of ocular toxicology, including drug interactions, ocular effects of systemic drugs, and life-threatening systemic emergencies.
  • Completely revised and updated content that reflects the latest advances in pharmacology.
  • Updated information on post-operative drugs, including LASIK follow up medications.
  • Expanded coverage in the chapters on Anti-infective Drugs, Anti-allergy Drugs and Decongestants, and Lubricants and Other Preparations of Ocular Surface Disease that includes the latest advancements in antibiotics and medications used to treat allergies and dry eye.
  • A dosage quick reference guide on the inside front cover for quick and easy access.
  • Information on the use of herbal medications.

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