Saturday, 6 August 2016

Paediatric Optometry, 1e

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Paediatric Optometry, 1e

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Paediatric Optometry, 1e Description


This comprehensive book provides clear discussions of the essential information needed for this rewarding yet challenging area of optometric practice. Following the success of other books in this series, and compiled by a range of experts in the field, Paediatric Optometry is an essential purchase for anyone who has a role in assessing, maintaining, and caring for children's vision.
  • Previously published as a series of highly successful continuing education articles in Optician journal, this text has been updated and adapted to include comments and feedback from optometrists in everyday practice.
  • Comprehensive coverage addresses everything practitioners need to know, such as genetics and embryology, paediatric eye disease and binocular vision disorders, models of vision screening, communicating with children, dispensing, and much more.
  • Highly illustrated format is specially designed to help users quickly access the information they need.
  • Authors and contributors are experts in the field.

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