Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Models of Oculomotor Control

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Models of Oculomotor Control

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Models of Oculomotor Control Description


This monograph is a structured review of models of oculomotor control systems that is geared toward biomedical engineers, vision scientists, and optometry students. It aims to provide the biomedical engineer with a thorough understanding of how various engineering control principles are applied to oculomotor systems, and the non-engineer with knowledge of how various physiological and clinical concepts can be represented quantitatively and efficiently by control system models.Basic control system concepts and oculomotor physiology are first introduced, along with a glossary, to provide background for the more advanced topics. Then, these concepts are applied to static linear and nonlinear analysis of various oculomotor systems. In addition, advanced topics are presented on the application of dynamic linear and nonlinear modeling techniques to the oculomotor system, with a particular emphasis on myopia development. This book can thus serve as a unique reference for quantitative analysis of oculomotor control, and as a foundation for future research on the oculomotor system..

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