Friday, 5 February 2016

Ophthalmology Review Manual

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Ophthalmology Review Manual

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Ophthalmology Review Manual Info


The Second Edition of the respected Ophthalmology Review Manual provides an organized reference to aid in clinical disease management and board exams preparation. The book’s outline format emphasizes relevant information and facilitates rapid retrieval of key facts.

Each section starts by detailing relevant anatomy and physiology—the essential framework for understanding the basis for the related diseases—and then summarizes specific disease entities in outline format, with major features highlighted. Over 200 commonly encountered disease entities are listed, along with corresponding page numbers, on the inside front cover of the book for rapid reference.

 This practical manual delivers…

• Useful appendices address infectious agents, their microscopic appearance, causes and treatment, as well as common drugs, dosages, indications and side effects
• Board Exam topics and organization streamline subject review and exam preparation (including all material listed in the OKAP Subject Outline published by the AAO).  
• A convenient outline format presents relevant clinical information in consistent and concise manner.
• Over 350 figures highlight classic findings and important relationships.
• A companion website includes a detailed image bank to enhance visual diagnosis of common pathologic features

 NEW to theSecond Edition:

• NEW contributors share their expertise. 
NEW sections highlight clinical trials and state of the discipline 


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