Friday, 15 May 2015

Automated Static Perimetry, 2e

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Automated Static Perimetry, 2e

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Automated Static Perimetry, 2e Info


Delve into the cutting-edge developments in the essential clinical arena of computerized perimetry. AUTOMATED STATIC PERIMETRY, 2nd Edition provides a thorough review of the basics and incorporates comprehensive coverage of all new technology such as SITA (Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm) and SWAP, (Short Wavelength Automated Perimetry). Clinically useful guidelines are provided to aid the practitioner in arriving at a clinical diagnosis and watching for pitfalls. You'll learn to make the best clinical use of new techniques with detailed instructions, as well as learn new methods of analysis for progression.

* Includes new printouts and illustrations showing the latest field tests and analyses * Provides up-to-the-minute dialogue on the latest interactive strategies in perimetry * Relies on a practical "how to" approach to developing technical and interpretive skills NEW TO THIS EDITION * Includes new techniques such as SITA (Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm) and SWAP (Short Wavelength Automated Perimetry) * Emphasizes the latest technology of the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, the most widely used perimeter in the US * Provides clinical guidelines to determine: which testing strategies are appropriate; how to arrive at a clinical diagnosis; and how to avoid pitfalls * Features new 2-color design and useful callouts containing supplemental information * Includes new appendices containing a glossary and a list of abbreviations.

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