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IOL Power

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IOL Power

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IOL Power La revue


 IOL Power by Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD will be the definitive resource worldwide for ophthalmologists who strive to increase the accuracy for all IOL calculations,especially for multifocal IOLs and overcoming the challenges that arise when treating patients that have had laser refractive surgery, such as RK, PRK, LASIK, and LASEK.

Inside the pages of IOL Power, Dr. Hoffer is joined by some of the most respected international physicians and physicists in the field of IOL power such as Aramberri, Haigis, Norrby, Olsen and Shammas. Together their expertise, spanning over 35 years, makes even the most difficult subjects easy to understand.

This volume will become the definitive reference source on the subject of IOL power calculation.

Some topics include:
• Ultrasound velocities for axial length measurement
• Optical AL (IOLMaster and Lenstar) in difficult eyes
• Manual and automatic keratometry and instrumentation
• Topography & Scheimpflug camera corneal power
• Value of theoretic formulas
• Formula personalization
• Multifocal and toric IOLs
• Aspheric IOLs
• Effect of IOL tilt on astigmatism

Chapters Cover:
• All aspects of obtaining the most accurate biometry
• Available modern calculation formulas
• Latest instruments
• Problems that can arise, how to prevent and repair them

IOL Power by Kenneth J. Hoffer, MD is structured in a logical manner so as to cover every facet of IOL power from the basics to the most complicated subjects to achieve the most accurate and precise calculations and should be in the hands of all ophthalmic surgeons, technicians, residents and students.



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